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Goats too wish to fly

Evil has no limits but Good will triumph !

A "flying goat", a fish bone and, in the background, a church are represented in the picture "Goats too wish to fly" (55 x 80 cm). All they are symbols of the Christian religion. This colorful picture packs a deep meaning of overpowering of Evil and a great hope that Good will triumph!

The artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin painted this original flying goat, symbol of Evil, with long horns and green eyes that terrify anyone encounters. It is imposing, proud and threatening. In fact, it has just overwhelmed the poor fish with the look off.

Fish is the Christian symbol of Good. The word "fish" in Greek is composed of some letters whose acronym means "Jesus Christ Savior God's son" and even the fish multiplication refers to the religious context.
The fish is reduced to a bone and it is painted at the bottom of the picture. Its head and tail, dyed red so fiercely, makes it almost bloodied. What kind of feelings does this picture elicit in you? Perhaps a sense of disorientation and distress? Please shout themout!

The goat and the fish are huge and they are in the centre of the picture, whereas the church is in the background on the left side. It is a Russian church, in honor of the birthplace of the artist Ryabkin. He was born in Zhitomir and now he lives in Mirgorod (an Ukrainian city). The golden cross in evidence represents the force of Good, God and the meaning of Salvation: faith is our hope to deliver us from Evil.
Do you know which are the differences between Catholics and Orthodox? Both of them are united in the Christian religion and they can defeat the Evil.

During the realization of "Goats too wish to fly", Ryabkin was inspired by his daily reality. In fact, in Russia there is the largest farm of goats, 2000 about, and it is usual to tell a story to children before slepping, as in the whole world, for example a beautiful Russian folk tale "Kids and the wolf"! Do you know it?

Instead, italian people when think about the world sheep, come up the Sgarbi's phrase: "You are a goat!". And it is not used to make a compliment as explained in this article! Are you agree?

This oil on canvas was released in 2009 and it was exhibited from 2013. The first exhibition was held in Villa Simion in Italy (in Spinea) in July 2013, then in Brolo (in March 2014) and during the Fair of the Rosary (in September 2015) in Mogliano Veneto city and finally in the famous osteria Arman in Treviso, in 27 Manzoni Street, throughout the month of February 2016.
This picture is very nice for its insights, for the bright colours (blue, green and red) and the technique of the scratched brushstrokes, strong and full of matter.

Trivia: the whole picture has got "cold colours" and the red is the only "hot colour" and it is used on the fish. Maybe because is it the only element with a heart? Tell us what do you think about it!

By Elena Sechet

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