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The painter Svyatoslav Ryabkin was born in 1965 in the Ukrainian city of Zhitomir. He got a high technical education in the Kharkov Radio Electronic University in the former Soviet Union. 


The Art came to his life quite early – together with his marriage. His wife was a painter and her works and brushes were everywhere in their apartment. They attracted Slava (this is a short name from Svyatoslav used by close friends). The first steps were made in crayon and then the oil came…The marriage was not long, but it gave the artist a daughter and the sense of his life – painting!


In 1996 Svyatoslav Ryabkin started to organize his first exhibitions in the cities of Kharkov and Kiev (Ukraine was independent for a few years already). Some of his works attracted attention of foreign customers.


Unfortunately in 2008 Ukraine faced a deep economical crisis and the life of Slava became more difficult, but thanks to some of his devoted friends his works continue to be sold abroad. 


The pictures are in private collections of Italy, Russia, Poland, England, Ukraine, Germany,Uzbekistan, Ireland, USA, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan. 


Resident of Mirgorod.                  You can contact him here



Personal exhibitions:


1996 - Ukraine, Kiev, gallery «NIKOLAY’S HOUSE»


1997 - Ukraine, Kharkov, DAIS Gallery


2001 - Ukraine, Kharkov, DAIS Gallery


2003 - Ukraine, Kharkov, DAIS Gallery


2005 - Ukraine, Kharkov, DAIS Gallery


2009 - Ukraine, Kiev, Gallery 36


2013 - to the present you can find here the exhibitons

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