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Birch grove

Who is hidden behind these birches ?

In a colourful birch grove is a girl hiding behind the light trunks or is she peeking curious? In my opinion she is playing hide and seek. This ancient game is going to begin at the Olympic Games. Wow! Would you like to take part in?

I love the painting Birch grove (40x120 cm) for the great vibrancy of the colour spots. They transmit cheerfulness and a little of mystery too. In your opinion who else is hiding behind those trunks?

Blue spots are similar to the color of the sky and the water of a pond. Green and brown are the nature colours of shrubs and bushes. Yellow, orange and red are the colours of the setting sun, you know. This gorgeous color effect reminded me of the famous holi parties! Have you never heard of?

The artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin has used the words "quick vision" to describe this picture and I remembered the beautiful walks in the natural landscape in Madonna di Campiglio, especially during the spring and autumn, the best times to enjoy this environment that becomes a real palette of colors!

The subject in this picture is delicate and harmonious. The thin trunks are slender, without beginning or end, and they, together the female figure, represent the vertical lines. They alternate with the horizontal ones, almost invisible, both on the trunks and above the coloured background. The image is static and dynamic at the same time. Anything can happen at any moment and it seems to hear the girl's breath in the silence of this birch grove.

Did you know that on December 24th is the birch tree celebrated? It is very important for its properties and the Russians believe it has got magical powers including healing and purifing the body. In fact, it is used to promote sweating in saunas and then, the elimination of waste substances. It is used against rheumatisms too.

Birch wood is also used in the kitchen for the preparation of herbal brews and facial care for illuminating beauty masks. These and other news are on the web site: antrodellamagia.

The Celtic meaning of the birch is of growth, renewal, stability and adaptability. Slavics think it is the life and rebirth plant whereas alchemists considered it a tree for the fertility, purity and chastity.

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Ryabkin made this picture in 2011. Until that time he has exhibited his paintings only in Ukraine, mainly in the city of Kharkov.

By Elena Sechet

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