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Dreams are wishes

Svyatoslav Ryabkin's Dream (45x40 cm) is an original and a little funny picture.

It represents the dream of a chubby and short man. He arrives in a blue sky of dreams during the night with a bound. He is hopeful of meeting his lover, she is beautiful and idealized.

After leaving his red boots, he launches squinting and foretasting of the moment will touch on her hand.

He is painted with a pair of red shorts and a green headgear. Dear Readers, he represents our men who trying to love ourselves as the first day. The time and the events during the life change people but the true nature of everyone remains unchanged. About your love story do you know which is your partner's feature that has remained constant over years and it continues to beat faster your heart? Please, tell us! We're really curious to read your answers!

Have fun reading what are the 10 worst physical characteristics of a man! However, it is said that Russian women think differently: the man painted in this picture "Dream" is in good health, he is confident without dying of fatigue in the gym and he is an interesting prototype of man. So, this man likes and his stomach is considered a simbol of wealth.

In contrast the female figure is slender and graceful. Often the women represented by the artist Ryabkin are blonde and perfect in memory of angel-women of the Dolce Stil Novo (the Italian poetry movement that developed between 1280 and 1310 in Florence). The blonde young girls shone of the divine light. God was considered the Light and all creatures nearer to him were brighter. Then, women were regarded creatures near to God, as angels, sensitive and clever. They were praised for their beauty and virtues and men had only to inclusive and venerate them. Do you remember the school lesson about this topic? I do and I was really interested, the vision of women as angels had not come up before then!

Both barefoot, she has taken off her elegant black shoes and she looks like a model who stands out in the deep blue. Dear Readers, do you know famous models for their feet?! They may be chosen to promote a brand of shoes or for professional photos for the beauty (such as pedicure). This job could interest girls! Do you know how to become a feet model? In my opinion it is a funny job!

The male and the female figure, aesthetically at the antipodes, meet in the artist's canvas. There are perfect harmony andbalance. The shoes, as their appearance, represent their diversity that they leave behind on an imaginary land.

In the blue sky of dreams, made by dark shades wisely painted by Ryabkin's brush, the man elevates his soul to the magnificence of the beloved. She squints to feel the truest and deepest emotions she has ever experienced. He is going to love her forever in this dreamlike world made by feeling.

The woman is charming and graceful in her white dress, whereas the man is dressed in red and green. These colours close to each other are the colours of the Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Mexican and Lebanese flags. His shorts have got some black lines and they are not made by the colour, in fact they are made by the tip of handle of Ryabkin's brush. The background is scratched by furrows of a lot of colour. White, blue and red remember the colours of the French flag. And the water is full of reflections of their bodies.

Two lovers reach the ecstasy when their meeting develops into a delightful and intimate dance. The artist has explained that the man wanted to "jump off his boots and dance with a beautiful lady." Dear Readers, do you know the meaning of dreaming to dance? It is interesting to find out.

"Dream" (2009) celebrates the union of two lovers, the desire to evolve a love story in a happy marriage or the hope starting a new love story. That the spirit of love of the Valentine's day has not faded in your hearts at midnight but it always continues!

By Elena Sechet

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