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Dream of the poet

In the dreams of the suburbs the flowers are the rhymes

In the painting “Dream of the poet” (80x90 cm, 2009) there is a winged poet in the sky who searches for an original idea to write a new poem, but his inspiring muse is on Earth over there. The artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin presents this intense oil on canvas with these words.

The painter celebrated the poetic art even in the following years with another beautiful oil on canvas called “The poet and the moon” (2012). He was fascinated by the birth of an intuition before the realization of an idea. Poets know how difficult it is to play with words to convey a strong emotion and reach the level of dreams by freeing themselves from the patterns imposed by reality.

The opulent poet occupies the middle of the canvas: he is the protagonist of the transformation of ideas into verses. He is stocky and remembers Cupid in the act of shooting an arrow, but he holds in his hand a long-stemmed daisy and gently tears off its blue petals. Also, he wears funny red shorts that make him look like a little boy. Even in the painting “Dream” (2009) the male subject is not attractive and takes on a connotation bordering on the grotesque: is he a baby angel or an ironic lover? Look these paintings in the 2018 Catalog and write us which one is your favourite!

Lower right, the blonde muse is discreet and is walking with her head bowed. She is ethereal, wears a light blue dress and illuminates this section of the canvas. Her silent elegance contrasts with the surrounding landscape. She walks the path towards the horizon line where the charm of the suburb reigns. Here the Ukrainian-born artist represents a typical Russian suburb with grey apartments. They are equal and close together (so as not to waste precious land!). They are “microraiony”, that is, dormitory districts. In these concrete blocks with black eyes the most authentic people live, like in Bibirevo district in Moscow.

What does the dark field of light flowers represent? Flowers are so crowded that their contours are not defined. They represent the culmination of the poet's creative phase where there are still rhymes to be reviewed and confused thoughts to rearrange. Furthermore, the melancholy of the muse darkens the beautiful flowery field. And you, dear Readers, what is your interpretation?

In most of the painting there is the sky where the painter has created a stained effect in which areas of ochre alternate with purple. It proves that time is an indefinite and uncontrollable factor. The sunset time is special: it is full of daily sun reflections and evening first shadows. It is behind a dense grid created by the lines on the canvas that the artist, called "Slava" by his friends, meticulously created with the tip of the handle of his brush to furrow the colour. This is a characteristic feature of his art. Undoubtedly “Dream of the poet” is a painting of great visual impact and pictorial technique.

The artist Ryabkin is also interested in other forms of art such as literature. In fact, dear Readers, do you remember the painting “Shakespearean passions” (2009)? How wonderful is it to deal with abstract themes that are real, like feelings?!
The painting “Dream of the poet” was exhibited at an art exhibition in Villa Simion Gallery (in Spinea, near Venice) and at Arman’s Osteria (in Treviso, Italy).

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By Elena Sechet

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