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Girl and a skipping rope

A slender blond girl jumps with rope and marks the time like a metronome

Girl and a skipping rope, is the jumping with rope a game of the past? "A slender blond girl jumps with rope and marks the time like a metronome",with these words the artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin presents the Girl and a skipping rope (120x60 cm), painted in 2011.

The pretty girl looks like an angel in the sky, stands light, is dressed in a simple summer dress, short and white as the flakes that takes in her hair. She instills a sense of harmony and balance, the main ingredients to live life to the fullest.

She is the protagonist in a bright and colorful space, characterized by delicate but also evident colours. White, yellow, pink, light blue and lilac alternate as a dance and make perfectly thesummer heat and the sunlight glare that burns.

Who among us has not competed in a jumping rope when he was a child?I remember it was a hoot increasing the difficulty crossing my arms in front of my chest while jumping and competing with my friends until I have no more breath in my lungs!

Leave us a comment about your childhood memories tied to this game that has distant origins. In fact, observing "Girl and a skipping rope", came to my mind past games of Venice children (in the Po area) in the ' 50 in Italy and the rope jumping was one of them.

Today guys are always connected to the internet and also the games are changed. Spending many hours in front of the screen, they prefer virtual games to out door ones, like the funny online game "Cut the rope", available in nine languages.

The protagonist of this paint conveys joy and peace. Sure. she doesn't seem breathy to compete with the young Japanese who is adept in the jumps with the rope of the world's fastest in the Guinness World Records Japan Show! The latter sounds like a crazy funny desk ornament! By children jumping in-game against others was more complicatedthan counting the jumps and counting jumps of the others was easy, here the difficulty is to be able to count those made by this super athlete! Look for yourself and give us your opinion!

The health of the body, the appearance and elasticity are important elements so, we can sign up to a new fitness class with rope which provides numerous training activities never banal.Tell us if you do gym with ropes!

Today I greet you with an Italian saying... "cut the rope"! :D

Don't forget to leave us a comment :-)

By Elena Sechet

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