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Girl playing with her cat

A cat playing with his mistress and her life seems eternal

It's a pleasure to see this girl as she plays with her kitty. This picture of 2011 “Girl playing with her cat” (80x80cm) affects and inspires tenderness. That is why it was chosen for the contact section of the website.

Svyatoslav Ryabkin tried to arouse a feeling of eternity of earthly life, particularly during a time of joy like this where the cat is in a good mood and wants to play.

The Girl holds with the perfect hand a thread, which has hung one of her red bows for hair and she is blonde like most of the women depicted by the artist. Her pose is graceful and transmits tranquility. She looks the kitty  with a serene and carefree expression and her eyes are full of love and sweetness.

Between the kitty  and the girl develops a strong bond to the smell of her that he feels on the bow and this shows her belly, his most delicate part. Do not put it all, it does so with the girl because he trusts her and feels accomplice it in the game. If you have a cat you understand how you are feeling !
The kitty  is curious and he plays with joy ! Point one of her red bows  throwing open its lively yellow eyes and tries to grab it with his paws as if it were a prey to hunt. You, have you ever played it? This video about the behavior of cats explains how to play correctly with them.

The cat  has dark mantle and he is made with brushstrokes charged with black, blue and white color. The shades of the characters are sharp and lively, in contrast with the background, characterized by patches of different colors: yellow, beige, blue, light blue, gray and a little of orange. Around the main characters there is a regular pattern of vertical and horizontal lines that form many small squares, as if they were immersed in an abstract mosaic.

This Ryabkin's painting reminds me of childhood, a small object could become reason of game that filled entire afternoons and petting a cat I raised an incredible feeling! Now you can try the same sentiment during a coffee break and especially if you don't have a soft puppy. Where ?

The bar Crazy Cat Cafe in Milan, via Napo Torriani 5, near the central station. Here are six affectionate cats, rescued by stray dogs, ready to welcome you and keep you company with sweet purring! This type of cafes originated in Japan where are famous bars Neko Cafe ("neko" means "cat" in Japanese) and now have arrived in Italy, in Turin, Rome and Milan (October 2015). The new Milanese bar clientele is primarily female: 8 out of 10 are women! And I bet the girl of this painting, if she was real, there would be for the relaxing atmosphere and pretty cat-shaped cups. Like you, Dear Readers, do you ?

Tell us what this painting transmits you and share with us your favorite memory related to cats. 
For example: have you ever filmed your puppy in zany or reckless attitudes like this very funny video ?

By Elena Sechet

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