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Gold hair

An innocent and beautiful young girl observes the horizon

An innocent and beautiful young girl observes the horizon from her window and sees a white sail immersed in the reflection of the setting sun.He is dreaming a future tale in a faraway country, according to the author Svyatoslav Ryabkin's interpretation.

The long blond hair, the slender body, the window and the green wall are all elements which develop vertically, lengthen the female figure and hijack our gaze towards the horizon. Also the author has identified in her and wondered what will happen to her. According to you, what's going to happen? Leave us a comment!

Her beautiful golden hair give the title to this famous oil on canvas, Gold hair (85 x 50 cm). The foliage has shades so bright that you almost want to caress her and it is curious that single hair comes out from the crowd and harmonious wraps her hand.

To have such beautiful and thick hair take care and use products that promote strength and shine, especially in summer when they are exposed to the sun, wind and salt spray. Blondes have more hair than the others, did you know? In Testanera website you can discover this and other curiosities about the world of hair!

According to you, is it true the saying that gentlemen prefer blondes (but marry brunettes)? The blonde diva par excellence was Marilyn Monroe, unfortunate actress but long for ever by many business men in '50. She represents your ideal beauty? Tell us if your current hair color represents you and what do you feel(security, grit or sweetness).

The subject of the picture reminds me of the breathtaking view from the "La Scalinatella" hotel room in Capri. Therich light blue brushes make perfectly the movement of the sea waves that fill much of the picture, coming under the window. Have you seen this massive window? It is the frame to the the young protagonist and I wondered if you know how to restore an old wooden window. Tell us about your case!

The impalpable white dress by Blumarine worn by a blonde and slender shape model (of the spring/summercollection 2015) reminded me Gold hair picture. The girl in the painting is therefore a simple beauty that can be found even in everyday life.

The dress, the wood of the window and the sailing boat are the key elements that the author chose to dyeingthem in white and they refer respectively to the idea of purity, safety and freedom.

The author has made Gold hair in 2009, the sixth year he exhibited his works in Ukraine.

Linger on this framework because it gives a great sense of peace and offers interesting ideas to see the world from a new perspective. Share with us your thoughts and feelings by leaving a comment !

By Elena Sechet

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