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Hunting butterfly

The best childhood memories are the most valuable !

In the picture Hunting butterfly (70x80 cm) a little girl runs after a butterfly with an halftone in a large park, but she loses her bonnet and melts her pigtail.

When you're young, it is necessary just a sunny day to regenerate of happiness, a sailboat to feel amazement and a butterfly to play! You know, dear readers, the elusive things are the most fascinating, aren't they?

All children in the world should visit the largest Butterflies' House in Italy! Where is it? In Bordano town, near Udine. And if the parents want to get involved and have fun with their children they can raisebutterflies. Simply capturing a caterpillar (in which children are masters!), take care with love and patience (for this you need the experience of parents) and finally, you can see your creature, born in your house! What magic!

In "Hunting butterfly" the artist has made a beautiful, happy and carefree childhood image in a quiet, natural and outdoors environment. Between the trail and the river bathers are playing with a ball, sunbathing and seeing a red sail boat approaching slowly. Immerse yourself in this paradise and you can hear the cheerful voices of bathers and the noise of the boat that goes slow.

The main color is green in its different gradations: the grass is yellowish and the trees and the bushes are light blue. Even the crystal clear water of the river, in which the vegetation is reflecting, is light green. The psychological meaning of green is the following: perseverance and tenacity, in fact the little girl doesn't leave her small prey and runs far and wide to reach it. This colour also expresses the firmness in the action, the sense of ownership and the empowerment. All these elements are in this beautiful picture if you get a deeper level of interpretation.

"Hunting butterfly", painted in 2010, represents a moment of ephemeral leisure: unavoidably the little girlwill lose her white bonnet (her innocence) to reach the butterfly (symbol of her future). This will happen so quickly that she won't notice either, as when hair ribbons slip away to the girls during a race. Have you ever felt in this way in a peculiar moment of transition in your life when everything would change and nothing would be as before? Share with us your thoughts.

Here a single pink butterfly flits gracefully in the summer heat. Even the famous painter anddecorator Marina Marchetti has represented the same subject, but she has realized the swirls of brightly colored wings of a lot of butterflies in her finest works, mainly oils on canvas, the same technique used by Svyatoslav Ryabkin within this framework. As well the beautiful paint "Evocation of butterflies" by Odilon Redon shows the elegance and lightness of the flight of butterflies.

Which of these works do you like more? Hard to choose, are you agree with me?!

Finally, the most romantic readers know the extraordinary feeling to feel butterflies in our stomach of when we are in love? In MaryP's hilarious blog you can find this and other topics with really funny pictures and you could write us a nice comment listening the beautiful Mariah Carey's song "Butterfly"! ;)

By Elena Sechet

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