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Lunar elephant

Night walk (with surprise)

The beautiful picture “Lunar elephant” (50x60 cm) by the artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin leads us to discover the world.

First our gaze lays on the light stain in the middle of the canvas. It is the impalpable vegetation of the tall trees with highlight and reddish logs. This effect recalls the sweetness of crayons, Ryabkin’s artistic origins, who began painting with oil on canvas after that period.

Dear Readers, notice the curious trapezoidal shape of the grove that seems to embrace the boulevard. Does it guide you to a precise direction, up or down? Write to us! Why? Because if your gaze rises to the sky it arrives at the moon which is thin and brilliant. It means that you have been kidnapped by the silence of this surreal landscape. The intense night blue is illuminated by romantic yellow flashes of green. They resemble the Aurora Northern effects, a natural phenomenon typical of the northern countries (from Lapland to Alaska) that becomes an incredible spectacle to admire in the clear winter nights. Really magic...

The first time I saw the picture "Lunar elephant " I felt in this landscape. Hearing the rustle of the fronds that caresses the night you feel a deep sense of peace that induces reflection, your breath becomes slow, you find your own ego and can to feel the smell of the universe. Have you ever heard the smell of the universe, dear Readers? You can do it at the DMM Planets Art in Tokyo, the largest digital art exhibition with rooms and labyrinths that offers you virtual-sensory experiences. To try!

Every day we are called to overcome our limits with great willpower. This painting reminded me of Jude Law's interpretation in the sci-fi film called Gattaca (1997) about genetics and travel. I love this intense film as well as the artist Ryabkin having achieved scientific studies in the former Soviet Union.

If, instead, your gaze is down at the bottom of the canvas you want to join the people on the way. See them, albeit tiny, in the ochre-coloured boulevard that is juxtaposed in harmony to the depth of the blue sky.

Pay attention: there is the word "elephant" in the title. But where is the elephant? Here it is, drawn on the boulevard! It looks like a sticker. It is very confused on the ground that is on the background. Dear Readers, you have to stop to discover the beauties of life because the hurry has never repaid anyone. The wide avenue bends like our world and these figures are the existences of each of us that make up the history of mankind. You do not see where they go because life can lead us everywhere and the discovery is an essential factor at all ages.

These stylized couples remind the cyclists of another beautiful painting by the artist called “Cyclists and bathers” (2015). The white and the black figures represent the feminine and masculine universes and, close to the elephant, remind me of the Indian marriages in which the groom arrives at the bride’s house on a traditional elephant (or a white horse) with his happy family. The sky is important and occupies most of the canvas. It demonstrates the strong union of human life with the harmony of the universe. This topic is inspired by ancient Indian culture. Do you know, dear Readers, that the dates of indian wedding are fixed based on planets position?

The artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin, nicknamed "Slava" by friends, made this painting in 2002 and a few years later in 2006 he painted another elephant in a more colourful and funny version.

It is the picture “Girls on an elephant dance”. It represents a circus festive scene that reminds me of the princely show of elephants of the International Festival in Montecarlo. Every year (from 43 years!) artists from all over the world aspire to the Golden Clown Award. Also this year there were Stephanie and Alberto of Monaco in the front row. They argue that the circus with animals is a European cultural value to be defended.

Currently the picture "Lunar elephant " is exhibited in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso, Italy) at “Lui e lei”, a luxurious and cool man and woman hairdresser and aesthetics.

By Elena Sechet

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