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Moonlight, the true love in an enchanting atmosphere

"Romance" is the word used by the artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin to describe the picture Moonlight (80x60 cm), made in 2011.

This painting is a masterpiece. Two lovers are embraced tenderly and contemplate the moon enchantedly, sitting on the branch of a tree. Have you ever lived such romantic moment that you felt "three meters above the sky" (to be overjoyed) ? It reminds me of the magic of the first love and the exciting song of the film "Ti scatterò una foto" by Tiziano Ferro. The two lovers can be even older or have large age difference, like in the movie "Parlami d'amore" by Silvio Muccino. Anyway, love has no age and of any nature was, it is always triumphant !

Even the poster for the cultural encounters "Reading to find" of the city of Venice has an image very similar to "Moonlight". Also we appreciated it very much and have chosen it for the poster and the postcard of the Ryabkin exhibition, held in 2015 in Villa Simion in Spinea (Venice).

What are the two lovers whispering in the moonlight? In my opinion, she is saying "this is magic" to him and he is answering "this is love" gently. The deep feeling that binds them is unique and special and their sincere hearts open each other as the moon widens in front of them.
After a day away, finally they meet again and the moon feels happy for them. It appears in all its glory, it is reassuring in its perfect form and prepares a fantastic scenery. It becomes great in their eyes and it indicates the way to be pursued: listening, understanding and the dialogue.

More time you look this picture, you are more induced to reflect and dream. The moon is bright as the sun and "Moonlight" reminds me of the beautiful "Legend of the Sun and Moon".

The main colors, used to represent the stillness of the night, are blue and yellow and they evoke the Vincent Van Gogh's famous paint "The starry night", oil on canvas (dated 1889). The long strokes go up to the sky and flow into a crazed whirl that makes the depth and three-dimensionality of the space.

So, the subject, in its simplicity, can arouse even a feeling of unease because the reassuring moon seems ominous. Its huge size becomes troubling and it gets too close to the two hypnotized lovers. Will they be overwhelmed and have no way out, sat on that branch in the middle of nowhere? And will they be sucked?
We can extrapolate such evocative interpretations from this great painting!

Tell us your most intimate emotions that this splendid painting arouses!

By Elena Sechet

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