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Night music

The sound of the tuba won women's hearts

That magical atmosphere creates the musician of tuba playing for his beloved!

This tool, which belongs to the family of brass instruments, reminded me of the Csárda Øystein Baadsvik. He is a famous Norwegian musician, the only tuba player in the world to have a career exclusively as a soloist, without being a member of hard-hitting important orchestras or teacher. Do you know him?

In Night music (120x60 cm) high cone-shaped houses with red roofs and blue and black Windows, one sees the beloved woman on the balcony of his House listening to abducted the melody.

To those who will be inspired by the artist Ryabkin to make this work? Maybe the extraordinary performance of Melton Tube Quartett with Wilhelm Tell-Ouvertürevon Rossini or the thrilling Old Legend of Les Tubadours! Is it really true that harmony is amplified if the tube they multiply!

In Night music, painting made in 2011, the atmosphere is surreal, in a cold and damp where the colors of the sky (blue) are reflected on the wet pavement from the rain and the red roofs "dirty" even the asphalt. The uneven brushstrokes seem nervous, probably as the musician who hopes that his love is requited. Readers men who have tried the feeling of love can share the feelings of anticipation and trepidation that lived for a woman. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page telling us if the wait was rewarded!

The beloved is intoxicated by this sound that we can become better acquainted with the video on the brilliant musician and tuba teacher Welshman Andrew Cresci.

She is blonde, like all beautiful women who prefers the painter, and feels already conquered, tight in her white dress that lights up and makes it even more special. Friends readers, have you ever felt so wooed by a man? Tell us what is the most romantic gesture you received, if he captivated dedicating a song and I flater proved to be the great love of your life!

The painting has never been shown in any art exhibition, but for originality is in a privileged position in the roundup of the paintings on the site.

By Elena Sechet

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