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Nusy and Norka

Two cute cats purr crouched on their beloved master's legs

Nusy and Norka, true friends

In "Nusy and Norka" picture (85x60 cm) two cute cats purr crouched on their beloved master's legs. It is a very relaxing moment!

The medium-long-haired black cat is strong and agile. It remindes of a Siberian cat, an adventurous hunter that the Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin knows very well because it is a feline native in the forests of Northern Russia. This cat is sociable and meek.

The blue kitty has got deep and yellow big eyes and it seems more affectionate and elegant than the other. In your opinion, dear Readers, which is Nusy and which is Norka? The different colour of their fur suggests that they have different behaviors based on their race.

However both of them love the home life and its comforts. They are very loyal to their master who is in harmony with them: the blue fur of a cat is like his pants and the black fur of the other is similar to his hair. The blue and the black alternate in balance and the three subjects are framed and nestled in the red rectangle of the bed.

The painter has described these cats "eager to strokes and food". Look at his hands, please: they are very big (as his feet) and convey a sense of security, affection and care towards his animals. People and animals can create really strong emotional relationships that help them to heal from diseases. Pet Therapy becomes an important tool in whichanimals serve for therapeutic purposes.

No one knows which cat has arrived in this cozy home first or whether two cats came together. You have to consider a lot of factors when you introduce a new cat at home because new dynamics will be create and the jealousy is always lurking!

All cats, both young and old, always require care and attention. Nusy and Norka are not very young and it is very important that we feed old cats with a healthy diet. Have you got a cat? What is its favourite food?

The whole painting is characterized by long brushstrokes full of colour. This technique makes the sense of smoothnessvery well. The cats' fur, the clothes, the bed and the background look very soft. Yellow brushstrokes impart heat to the framework, mostly on man's sweater, background and blue cat's piercing eyes that capture our attention. Have you noticed that the animals' faces are the only ones you can see? It is curious.

In 1996 in Kiev (Ukraine) Ryabkin inaugurated his first exhibition. In 2009 he painted "Nusy and Norka" and in the same year he has exhibited his works in the same city. So exciting and beautiful memories!

By Elena Sechet

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