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On a beach

On a beach, the cycle of life

Looking at the picture "On a beach" (70x85 cm, 2009) by Svyatoslav Ryabkin you can have a good time on the sea like these bathers relaxing on the beach. Listen to the melodic song "On a beach" by Chris Rea. You will feel on holiday immediately!

According to the author's interpretation, both the female figures believe that life is eternal. The lady on the top left sunbathes dreaming. You can feel the same feeling watching the Pietro Romitelli's relaxing video about a sunny beach, especially if you can not go there. In this way you can enjoy the soft waves listening to this beautiful soft music at sunset.

The author Ryabkin is Ukrainian. He was born in Zhitomir, studied in Kharkov, then moved to Mirgorod and finally exhibited his paintings in Kiev twice. So, what beach was he inspired to realize this painting? Perhaps the Black Sea on the southern coast of Ukraine! Dear Readers, write us your ideas!

In Ryabkin's opinion the little girl on the right believes in miracles and waits for the yellow fish in the waters in front of her becoming golden and fulfilling her wishes. She is well protected from sunlight and remains under the beach umbrella in the hottest hours during the day. Protecting ourself from sun damage is necessary. The prevention is important but what can you do if your baby got a bad sunburn? Here are some helpful natural remedies. This blond girl is wearing a white dress and she remembers another famous painting by the author Ryabkin "Gold hair".

She is happy and from the shore she looks at the fish swimming in the sea. Fortunately, she wears slippers with long socks because many fish bite bathers' ankles on the shore! This phenomenon was found in Calabria (in Italy) where some fish (in particular sparids, very common in the Mediterranean Sea) see the bathers standing, dance near them and "stick" their ends to clean them from dead cells. Why? The temperature is rising and it is tropicalizing the Italian sea. What do you think, dear Readers? Have you ever happened anything like that?

The fish at the bottom right reminds me of a sarago. It belongs to the family of sparids. Have you ever fished one? You can simply fish from the shore even if you are beginners: just a fishing pole, a reel and a bait. It seems simple if you know the fishing techniques from the shore.

However the artist Ryabkin continues to describe this picture with new implications: time is tyrant and dreams will be unrealized. Perhaps for this reason the black beach umbrella is dark and its edge is similar to the wings of a bat. Suddenly the tender fish is swallowed by the huge red-eyes black shark. Really terrifying! Over the last few years shark sightings have increased on Italian coasts, also near the shore. For example, some people have seen the Verdesca shark in Italy (in Puglia in Salento), the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. These seas are populated by other shark species too. "On a beach" tells an evolving story, in fact it seems inspired by the Darwinian theory that is based on the concept of natural selection.

The canvas is divided into four sections whose colours run after each other like the shark has followed the innocent fish. The sand is golden, the sea and the beach towel are green and the waves are full of blu reflections due to the changes of the sky on the sea surface. The light blue section prevails on the canvas as if the shark had raised a gigantic wave. Really spectacular!

"On a Beach" represents life despite the adversities and the unforeseens. Live your life as protagonists with joy and enthusiasm! In my opinion summer is life and you will agree that summer is music! The best summer hits from 1992 to 2012 has given the right rhythm to my life and for this reason I want to share them with you! Enjoy listening and always fun!

By Elena Sechet

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