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Pears and apricots

snack with fruit!

The picture “Pears and apricots” (100 x 80cm) by Svyatoslav Ryabkin is an explosion of taste and colour! So sweet!

In my opinion it is a tribute to all women who love each other because the painted girl is eating some healthy fruit. The fruit is the protagonist also in “Strawberries and cream”, another beautiful Ryabkin’s painting.

In “Pears and apricots” these kinds of fruit are depicted. Pears are the typical autumnal fruit such as the Kaiser pears whereas, apricots are strictly summer fruits. Then there is a girl lying on a sofa who is looking at the fruit because she does not know which one to taste first.

Pears are rich in vitamins, fibers and potassium. In particular the Williams pears contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They have got antioxidant and diuretic properties and prevent stroke and hypertension. How many times I have eaten them when I was a child! Dear Readers, eat pears as I do because they help us to reduce cholesterol, the absorption of simple sugars and fats and to control blood glucose. In particular, the Abate pears are very juicy, refreshing and with laxative properties. They are great for young and old people! Are you sportsmen? Pears promote weight loss and prevent muscle cramps.

Instead, apricots give us energy. I would eat apricots first, no doubt! They are my favorite fruit in every variation: fresh, dried, canned and jam-packed! If you like cooking you can try to make homemade apricot jam. It is yummy and easy to prepare. Apricots have got few calories and are rich in vitamins (C, A, E and K), beta-carotene and potassium. Vitamins make your skin healthy and beautiful, beta-carotene promotes vision and tanning and finally, potassium helps to regulate blood pressure and the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In Italy apricots are cultivated from the end of May to July. Dear Readers, do you know that the first apricot trees appeared in Russia, China and Armenia in 5,000 BCE? Now it is your turn, write us what is your favourite food between pears and apricots!

Eating fruit away from meals is better. Why? Because it can create a buildup of gas in the intestine and a consequent abdominal swelling. However not all fruit is equal: for example apricots, pears, pineapple and papaya improve digestion. Teach it to your children with this funny video!

With this picture the artist would express a great sense of comfort. The girl is barefoot and in a relaxed position. Her legs are raised to feel lighter and his feet are upward like the stylized feet of the furniture. Graceful!

Her outfit is simple and the light t-shirt becomes a highlight in the painting. I like the lightheartedness and tranquility it conveys. Observe it for a few minutes: the breath slows down and the mind becomes free.

The girl reminds me of Randi Greene, an american yoga teacher, for her complicated positions ("asana"). Think dear Readers, she has practiced yoga until the day of childbirth (since he was 3 years old) and she said that being elastic helped her to give birth to the baby in 10 minutes! To assume these positions you need strength (on arms and legs) and concentration to maintain the balance. Yoga makes the body oxygenated, toned and charged with new energy. The extensions are useful to lengthen the muscles and develop greater elasticity. For example “The warrior” position (called "Virabhadrasana") transmits security that lasts all day! Here is what course to subscribe in autumn!

Is this picture set in a living room or in the open air? There are not even temporal references but it could be a late summer afternoon for the golden sunlight on the surface of the canvas. The sunset colours everything.

The undefined space around is coloured in an irregular way. In the background Ryabkin has used yellow patches (lemon, ochre and beige) and white. He has spatulated and scratched the colour, except on the furniture. In fact the red colour on the coffee table, two chairs and the sofa is more regular. Red is a warm colour and it is lively as the summer!

Circular lines characterize the whole picture. They are on the table and chairs (and on their respective violet shadows), on the line of her thigh and face and on the contour of pears and apricots.

The observer's point of view is from above, an unusual perspective in the artist's paintings. It could be an adult's point of view compared to a child's one. I think she is Ryabkin’s daughter!

The picture “Pears and apricots” is an oil on canvas. It was painted in 2013 and exhibited at the welcoming and refined osteria Per.Gola in Martellago (Venice, Italy).

By Elena Sechet

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