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Pink clouds as kittens

Discover this fantastic adventure !

In "Pink clouds as kittens" (75x90 cm) so many sweet and bright pink kittens dance as clouds in the light blue sky over some very strange fish and a child who is playing. We italians say "if clouds have got a sheep shape, it will rain a lot" (cats and dogs) and not "clouds as kittens"!

In fact, I am sure it won't rain because there is this beautiful light blue sky! Fish and cats are recurrent subjects and beloved by the artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin.

This picture looks like a fantastic dream! Have you ever dreamed of a cat? Do you like cats? Cats have a positive connotation, for who likes them as me and the painter for example. In this paint theyare pink, this colour has got a lot of meanings. In your opinion which feeling the artist would convey with this surreal image? I think the evanescent clouds are symbol of vitality and softness.

Kittens are over four bright-eyed fish. Two of them are smiling on the golden sand, whereas the other two are lying on the grass. The two leftmost observe three sailboats that are moving away from the shore and their thoughts are understood by the grey fish with the human head, probably of the author. He fixes them in the eyes seriously and his body hides the rightmost fish's face.

Here's how the man could imagine the dialogue with other creatures of the earth! The two fish on the left appear lighthearted while, two by righties thoughtful. Their looks elicits great empathy. The world is beautiful because it is varied and these creatures, with different personalities and cultures, resemble us who live together although we have different characters and we face life from different points of view. So, this natural environment is the symbol of the world we live in.

The material world blends the lightness of the sky that merges with the sea water in the upper part of the picture. Here the three large white sails pointing north evoke a great sense of freedom and hope.

Looking at this picture I'd like to set sail! I love holidays! To tell the truth the beautiful yachts Bavaria havecome to my mind, I'd like to travel by them for a ride this summer!

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In "Pink clouds as kittens" also the shoulders child evokes the sense of freedom. In the high grass he isadmiring his beautiful yellow balloon in the sky. In the light of a pink streetlamp he believes to discern a kitten in the sky, what a surprise! Elements from the fantasy coexist with elements from the reality. In fact, the child represents the childhood and the carefree, whereas the head of the male adult represents the awareness and the maturity. Write us what you think about it!

"Pink clouds as kittens" is an oil on canvas and it was painted with big splashes of color. The technique of the scratched colour is chosen by the Ukrainian artist for this picture as for many other his masterpieces. This highly original picture represents the cosmic balance between the earth and the heaven and between the earth and the sea. The subject is divided into four parts: the horizon line meets a diagonal where there is the human head, in this point the viewer's attentiont falls inevitably.

In 2009 this fantastic picture was made by Ryabkin. Until that time the author had exhibited his paintings only in Ukraine.

By Elena Sechet

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