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Sleeding, hooray for holidays on the snow !

Fun is guaranteed for anyone in this spectacular snowy skiing piste! Here is the picture "Sledding" (85x70 cm), made by the artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin. Everyone feel carefree to get off speeding with their sleddings! Do you know the longest toboggan run in Europe? It is 15 km long and it is in the heart of Switzerland. It starts from the city of First and ends inGrindelwald. Will it be the destination for your next holiday on the snow?

In this beautiful picture there are some friends and boyfriends who hold their hands each other and whisper sweet wordsin their ears. There are two crazy boys: one of them rolls over dangerously (in the middle of the canvas) and another goessledding upside down in a very bizarre way! There is also a dog that is looking incredulous all around it and also it is a little bit scared. A child has just finished his beautiful snowman and it has put a broom on its hand and a carrot as its nose. He and his dad observe this scene that is true happiness!

On the top of the mountain someone wait own round to get off this beautiful track. It is white and golden for the light of the sun and a little grey due to the dark traces left by sleedings. And a pinewood stands on the background; it is made by light green, forest green and cobalt regular brush strokes. In the distance you can see a typical Russian building in the Byzantine style with a golden tip like a candle flame. It symbolises a real flame and it reminds us of Christ's words: "You are the light of the world".

This oil on canvas reminded me of Orson Welles' masterpiece "Citizen Kane" (by 1941), a very famous black and white film.So beautiful, let's see it! The story deals with a sleeding, main character's favourite game (when he was a child) and itremains a very important thing all over his life. And about you? Have you got a loved thing of your past that reminds you ofwho you are? What is it? Please shout it out!

How many beautiful paintings represent a snowy landscape as this subject! In these web links are the five most famous paintings about the snow! They are made by Monet, Gauguin, Cezanne and the byelorussian painter Chagall (his works remind of Ryabkin's pictures for topics and style).

Admire also the original snowy landscape made by the Swiss painter Cuno Amiet, a little bit known artist in the world. In this picture there is a lonely skier, painted in a very unique way! It is an oil on canvas of the early '900 and nowadays you can find it in the Musée d'Orsay in France.

The picture "Sledding" (painted in 2010) is a lively and original paint. It reminds us of adrenalin sledding downhills when wewere young, doesn't it? Probably we were hanging on the slopes until nightfall despite the ice temperature. Which mountain places reminds you of this picture? Share with us your more carefree memories about holidays on the snow, for example school camps with your friends, your wedding at high altitudes and your beloved nephews' photos! Fantastic! Write me soon!

By Elena Sechet

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