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The moon in a silver cap

The grace of the moon

In the beautiful picture “The moon in a silver cap” (85x50 cm) by the artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin there is a full moon with a silver hat.

The night blue background occupies much of the great canvas and enhances the beauty of the moon. It transmits a sense of infinity and depth.

But the moon who is smiling to? According to the artist it makes its eyes sweet to the stars that shine in the sky with it and smiles blissful to the girls who are playing in the water. Yes, its long neck is an optical effect of the vibrating reflection of the moon on the surface of the sea. And girls are right there even if none of us can look at them! So impressive...

Its humanized face is very sweet and intensely golden. On the smooth surface its defined eyes and lips are blue. The blue colour continues in the large neckline of its dress. This full moon is very feminine. It reminds me of a slim and delicate woman. It transmits a great sense of fullness and quiet.

The picture “The moon in a silver cap” reminds me of the story of the moon too. Do you know the famous Mecano’s song “Figlio della luna” (Eng. “Son of the moon”)? This story deals with the moon that becomes mother but it can not cradle its child because it has not any arms.

This painting was made in 2011. In those years the moon was a recurring subject in Ryabkin’s other paintings. Dear Readers, discover them in his various artistic achievements such as in “Moonlight” (2011). It is the most romantic celebration of love ever made. In fact, everyone pauses to admire it during Ryabkin’s exhibitions! So, don’t miss the next event! Subscribe to our Newsletter, the more we are better!

Look at all Svyatoslav Ryabkin's paintings in the catalogues on the website in the Download section.

Also I adore another picture “The poet and the moon” (2012). It represents the moment before the inspiration. The artist has cleverly made it by choosing a poet who, like any other artist, as painters and musicians, knows how incredible is that magic moment (yes, it's just a moment no more) in which a thought turns into something different, not necessarily more concrete, that comes straight to the hearts of people passionately.

“The moon in a silver cap” was exhibited in Italy at Villa Simion Galleria (in Spinea, Venice), at Arman Osteria in Treviso and now it is exhibited at the Salone Lui e lei, hairdresser man-woman and aesthetics (in Mogliano Veneto, Treviso).

By Elena Sechet

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