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The poet and the moon

The meeting between a poet and the moon is the perfect fusion of art and poetry

Lose yourself in the atmosphere of this picture "The poet and the moon" (80x80cm) listening to the song "Walking on the moon" by the Police as I have done!
In 1979 Sting wrote this song thinking about Deborah Anderson his first girlfriend. He was in love with her madly. Even you, dear male Readers, are so romantic as him?

In this fantastic picture the poet invokes the moon to receive the inspiration. During the full moon the enormous moon grazes the poet's hand that is in the middle of the picture. Thus it becomes very important. It is open, ready to welcome new ideas and it can also be interpreted as a request for help.

Lunar rays are similar to woman's long blond hair. The artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin has used golden brushstrokes to make them. The moon becomes his muse and it is personifiedwith human large empty eyes, nose and mouth. Easily the poet, illuminated by its light, finds new inspiration for his poetry.

The boy's face is graceful, his fair skin and his blond hair are very light whereas the night around him is very dark. There is only a tree to keep him company. Both of them, the boy and the tree, are realistic elements and artistically they are made by scratched and intense colours. In the rest of the picture this technique is less evident.

When the artist made "The poet and the moon", wondered if the poet was thinking about some rhymes or hallucinating! In any case he fails to guess what his mind is thinking. Have you got any ideas? His thoughts are in the sky. Is he in love happily or unrequited? Share with us your opinions!

The greatest poets of all times have written about the moon in their most beautiful works: Dante, in the second Canto of Paradise, spoke about deep emotions andauthentic feelings that the moon arose in him. Instead, Petrarch considered it as a metaphor of his melancholy and nocturnal moods. Perhaps also the poet painted by Ryabkin is a little melancholy. Do you think is he so?

Finally in the romantic poetry called "Canto notturno di un pastore errante dell'Asia" Leopardi invoked the moon as a comfortable friend. In this video Andrea Cortellessa has read and analysed it as fast as enjoyable. Look at him! Do you like it?

The artist Ryabkin painted "The poet and the moon" in 2012. Until that year he had exhibited his paintings only in Ukraine, in Kiev (in 1996 and 2009) and in Kharkov (in 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2005).
Write to us what does this beautiful painting inspire in you. It conveys Art, Literature and Music!

By Elena Sechet

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