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Venice morning

A sweet wakeup

In the morning the city of Venice wakes up lively for tourists who don't want to miss an hour of city tour, frantic for workers who, after breakfast with some coffee, set to work and romantic for lovers who choose it as wedding destination.

And you, dear Readers, have you ever been to this wonderful city? Let's discover it looking at the painting “Venice morning” (70x100 cm) made by the Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin in 2019. In a winter morning he left Mirgorod town to come to Italy for the first time in his life! On January 18th 2019 the wonderful art exhibition “Dream and reality” was held in his honor at the prestigious hotel Danieli in Venice and he was welcomed as the protagonist.

That event celebrated the Ukrainian Art in Italy and gave everyone great emotions. A staff of journalists, we (Ryabkin’s Friends), art lovers, some curious and also an art critic were enjoying the evening among the beauty of his works that was exalted in a luxurious environment of the refined hotel during a cultural aperitif that favored social aggregation with seductive wisdom.

Svyatoslav Ryabkin's stay was short but intense. As a tourist he strolled among Venetian streets and when he came back to Ukraine he was so happy with the experience he had just lived that he celebrated the city of Venice with multiple themed works.

In the beautiful picture "Venice morning" the city is gathered on the horizon line as if the artist had wanted to materialize it with discretion, painting it from afar. This perspective reminds me of the vision of the city from the nearby Lido of Venice, a thin island 12 km long between the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic sea. The city seems near and reachable by swimming! From a classic balcony with massive white columns you can see the bell tower that stands on San Marco Square and on the right there is the majestic Basilica of San Marco and Palazzo Ducale.

The painting conveys delicacy. The greatness of the city is stylized in a few centimeters on the canvas, the reflection of the clear light of the morning gives hope and the surfaces become brilliant. The calm waters of the Venetian lagoon lead our gaze to the heart of the city.

This painting is a realistic oil on canvas that looks like a photograph for the landscape, the perspective and the colours. In the grey sky the circular brushstrokes are the clouds that reflecte themselves on the water that in some points is green, a bit stagnant. In some places the colour is blurred in fact, the city is shrouded in the morning mist many days of the year.

The artist Ryabkin saw Venice very well and he knows that it smells of fresh fish at every hour of the day! He saw with his own eyes how the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge are populated by tourists and university students who make the rounds to reach the venues! He was enchanted by the sight of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and he was surprised when he saw the gondolas dock near the luxury boutiques. Yes, Venice deserves to be seen at least once in your life!

Its six “sestieri” (city areas) offer you much to do (shows, theater) and to visit (museums, churches). Venice is a jewel to love and celebrate and in return it will offer you unforgettable timeless walks in a cosmopolitan and welcoming of different ethnicities atmosphere or an intimate moment to share with your loved listening to the music that reaches your soul that in Venice is the verse of the seagulls.

Go to Venice just for a “spritz” (alcoholic long drink popular in Triveneto, geographical area in the north of Italy) with your friends and then tell me about it!

Dear Readers, the picture "Venice morning" has to be hang in the living room to embellish the room that was born to welcome guests and convey well-being.

Finally, I invite you to browse artist's catalogs to discover other paintings that you can also download in pdf format and subscribe to our Newsletter to become Ryabkin's Friends and always be informed about his upcoming art exhibitions in Italy.

By Elena Sechet

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