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A gaze to the horizon

The Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin has painted the oil on canvas “Veranda” (70x90 cm) to represent the moment of the aperitif facing the sea and he wonders why there is no one around.

How peaceful! We can only hear the sound of calm waves on the surface of the turquoise sea, a bright colour that blinds at sunset. The large pink awning with pretty fringes protects the view from the still strong sun rays and focuses our attention on the horizon line.

Look, dear Readers, how the artist divided the canvas into sections: the two support poles create three parts. Each of them has got a sail boat reflected on the water. It is a geometric setting that structures the scene on a regular basis. This painting is perfect to furnish with charm your beach house!

The artist loves white sail boats. He painted them in several of his masterpieces such as in the oil on canvas called “The sea and sun” (2012). Here golden waves of the sea lull two boats in a circular motion. With the perspective from above it seems that the artist was mixing the water and moving the boats as if they were models!

Also in the beautiful painting “Gold hair” (2009) there is a distant sail boat that catches the attention of a girl who is looking out of a window. In 2018 the painting “Veranda” was in the exhibition “Siete tutti invitati” in the Villa Simion Gallery in Spinea (Venice, Italy).

Now the beach is empty. The sand is dark, soft and fresh and it occupies the central part of the canvas. On the sides the white stone balustrade gives depth to the environment, framing the central area with the little table. The observer's gaze is towards the fourth sail boat docked on the shore. This is the key element of the picture: it symbolizes the reality of a long tiring day spent offshore. The concreteness of life and the other idyllic elements are in perfect harmony. The result is a happy and realistic image that resembles a photograph.

The aperitif is ready! On the pretty white little table sits a bottle of rose wine with an filled glass. Feeling on vacation means this: abandoning ourself to freedom especially if we are far away from home and feeling good both alone and in company, in a cocktail dress or in flip flops. It is a good time to dedicate ourselves to our passions, relax and enjoy a fantastic sunset by the sea, feeling on our skin the sense of belonging to the world. However, remember dear Readers, although you wish to go far away, a restless soul will not find the desired peace anywhere.

Curiosity: Ryabkin painted “Veranda” in 2017 taking up the same location as the beautiful picture “Tea on the veranda” (2010) that is animated by a loving couple. The delicate colours of both paintings recall the pastel colours with which the artist had started his career as a painter before dedicating himself to oils on canvas. So I invite you to look for this picture in the Catalogs that collect his most beautiful paintings!

Finally, could you see the pear? The artist thus remembers the love for the products of the earth and the pride for one's origins. With the picture “Pears and apricots” (2013) he had already celebrated this fruit in an indoor. Instead, in the painting “Veranda” he combines the sweet crunchiness of this fruit with the flavor of salt in the air.

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By Elena Sechet

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