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About us ? Ryabkin's friends !


Dear Readers,'s staff is proud to welcome you to this special artistic space,showcasing magnificent works by the Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Ryabkin, born inZhitomir in 1965.


The numerous collaborators who gravitate around this project share with you his passion for art, deal with the exhibitions of this artist, the website, catalogues of the various related initiatives and newsletters, making you learn his innovativeworks by allowing you to reach our country.


The most significant persons are Mr. Claudio, for friends "Patron", who is the founder and creator of the project.

Elena Sechet, our blogger behind the blog siteand Henry following the web part.


The staff, called officially "Ryabkin's friends", is always active in searching forevents that can be linked to the works displayed here so if you're of gallery owners or have one exhibition space to offer please contact us!


See you soon and happy reading!

Ryabkin's friends

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