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Christmas Presents

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Dear readers, we wish you an happy and joyful Christmas to you and to all your dear ones. 


We are glad to have had you so involved during this 2019 so full of events. The year is almost over, here are the main news:


  • A lot of exhibitions has been released this years, the first one in Hotel Danieli to the last one in Duino, last October. Other two exhibitions has been released last spring, one in May and the other one in June.

  • Our Facebook page is growing ! Now we have 151 followers

  • Permanent Exhibition@Per.gola: now we've a new selection of paintings, one of them "A man dances with a snowstorm" has been reviewed by our blog



Admission into Permanent Exhibition: Admission is free but paintings are displayed in a restaurant so if you want to have dinner to book a table is suggested.



Where:  Show me the map

Website: Per.Gola

When: No ending time setted

Timetable: Check their website to see timetable

Newsletter → Click here to see the newsletter 





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